Wine on a Dime

23 02 2009

Wine and wenches empty men’s purses, so the English Proverb goes. But hark! Wine does not have to send you to the poor house. There are plenty of good wines in such frugal times. One such wine I had the pleasure to drink twice in the last couple of weeks is Barefoot Pinot Grigio.

Now, I am no wine aficionado (maybe a wanna be) and I am not a trained sommelier, but this is tasty stuff.  Barefoot’s webiste uses the description  “refreshing as an ocean breeze, Barefoot Pinot Grigio is light-bodied, elegant and flavorful. Tart green apple flavors harmonize with notes of luscious white peach, floral blossom, and citrus.” This wine makes me want to sit on the beach and bury my feet in the sand!

If taste and price are not enough to lore you to take off your shoes,  Barefoot wines have created the Barefoot Beach Rescue Project, designed to clean up beaches and ensure they are “Barefoot friendly.” This project is supported by the grass roots non-profit, the Surfrider Foundation. In these days of corporate greed, it is important to become an educated consumer by buying from companies who care about our world. I’ll drink to that!




3 responses

1 03 2009

If I were a wine drinker I would surely try this one. Great job!

1 03 2009

The cabernet is also good and under $10 a botttle!

11 03 2009

I agree, I also enjoy the Cab. Cab Sav is one of my favorite americanized wines.

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