Is Your Day Job Keeping You Up at Night?

26 02 2009

How many people have trouble falling asleep because the work hamster living in their brains won’t stop running in the wheel? I will have to raise my hand tonight. I feel like that hamster, like I am running and never getting anywhere, like my work has no real meaning. So the question is, how do I bring meaning to my work and how do I pay my mortgage and feed my child at the same time? 

First, find what motivates you. I, for instance, am motivated less by money and more by making a difference. I want to feel that my efforts go toward making the world a better place. I believe it is the little things in life that make the biggest difference and that if we all did something good everyday, the world would be a better place. So the next question is, how do I make a living (notice I did not say….get rich) doing what I love?

Here is where you must jump. Get out of the wheel and jump. You don’t know where you will land, but you will be somewhere different. You never know what lies beyond the wheel…don’t use the current economy as an excuse. Go for it! Live your dreams, or someone else will.  I think I should get some rest now. Good night.




6 responses

5 03 2009
Karen Dugan

Lovin’ the words..keep them coming.

11 03 2009

Thanks for the happy thoughts and kind words!

1 03 2009

I have been reading. I like it. You’re a good writer.

11 03 2009

I have also been reading your Blog and have added it to my Blog Roll. Keep the positive cosmic vibes flowing. We could all use it right now!

28 02 2009
Audrey Pihulyk

Hi, thanks for the article, it is so needed in these days of increasing stress. I have a blog on the same subject and a CD that covers stress issues and gives specific strategies to fall , and stay asleep. I invite you to view it at my web site.
Respectively submitted by “Nurse Audrey”

11 03 2009

Thanks Nurse Audrey! I checked out your website and blog. I love it and have added it to my Blog Roll. Thanks for the kind words!

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