Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

10 03 2009

Have you ever had a dream journal? Well, this is my first attempt at writing one. So it starts like this, I had a bad dream that woke me up at 2:45 am and I am still awake. Here are the key parts of this dream that has me so shook up. I am in a house with many loved ones (and even some people I do not know), it seems to be where I live, but they seem to be visiting. A friend I have not seen in a while knocks on the door (let’s call him Brutus) and wants me to let him and his friend (whom I do not know) into the house. At least two people in the house are weary of this, but I insist that he is a friend and needs my help.

Flash forward in the dream. I am walking with a group of people, including myself, my sister, and my husband, to an unknown destination, at night, in the cold. We may be headed toward a bus stop. I encounter Brutus and a different (yet still unknown) friend. However, this time, Brutus does not look well. As we walk on, we tell Brutus to sit down and take a break. My husband uneasily says, ” I hate people to see him like this.” I notice Brutus’s face begins to distort. I realize then, that he did not want to hurt us, but something inside him was taking over. I turn to my sister and say in an incredibly calm manner, ” Do me a favor and run as fast as you can.” 

When I woke up, I sent a text message to my sister and she was up watching a movie. She had a bad day, spent most of it in bed. I tell her briefly about my dream and we promise to call later in the day. See, my sister and I (and my mother for that matter) often feel connected, even though we live 200 miles away. I wonder, as we hang up, what was bothering her today? Could it be that getting laid off in December is taking it’s toll? Did she receive a rejection letter from one of the grad schools she applied too?

Thing is, we all have Big Bad Wolf’s lurking in the dark, trying to blow our house down, even if we do not realize it. Especially in today’s economy, we need to remain vigilant to the evils of the world, while not allowing our fears to run our life. Could my dream be a premonition of things to come? Is someone I think I know going to hurt me, unwillingly ? Cesar trusted Brutus with everything, hence him saying “et tu Brutus”- You too Brute? I guess when the time comes, I need to be calm and run as fast as I can.




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