Spring: Face your Fears and Start Anew

21 03 2009

Project Do What You Love has crossed into the next phase. I did it! I faced my fears head on and quit my job. There is something else out there for me. I just needed to make room for it to come into my life. And what better time for a new life than Spring? Spring is a time for growth and renewal. Chinese medicine teaches that after a winter of reduced activity and energy conservation, spring is a time for regeneration and new beginnings. If you have been pondering something all winter, now may be the time to react. Take that first step toward your fear instead of away from it. 

If you are having trouble facing your fears, consider this African Tribe parable. When lions hunt, the pride splits. The older lions crouch-in-wait on one side of the bush while the younger lions remain on the opposite side. Even though the older lions are not as fast and agile as the younger lions, they have a loud roar. When the prey hears the older lion’s roar, it runs right into the clutches of the young lions on the opposite side of the bush. Moral of the story: If the prey would have faced the roar head on, it would have had a better chance to get away. Running from it’s fears only led the prey to it’s impeding doom. Don’t be prey to the lions. Run toward your fears and start a new growth. Happy Spring!




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