Keeping the Ants at Bay: I Tried It, Part 2

19 04 2009

I tried it. I tried it and me oh my, I liked it I liked it. Just give it a try.

How do you keep pesky ants from invading your home without using harmful pesticides and poisons? What else but babypowder. I know, weird right? But it really works.

Baltimore is full of ants. I have such a hard time controlling them.  I also have a young child and do not want to spray harmful substances for concern over her health. Over a week ago, I dusted babypowder along the wall and front door where the ants tend to enter the house. Since then, I have not had a single ant in my living room.

For best results, follow the ants back to where they are entering the house. Dust a good amount of babypowder around the area.  You can also dust problem areas such as the sugar jar (for sweet ants). The Chesapeake Bay is a beautiful work of God, but I could do without the ants.

Hope this helps you enjoy a healthier Earth Day. Namaste.




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