Earth Day 2009: Celebrating 39 Years of Taking Care of Our Home

22 04 2009

Earth Day 2009 is a day for anyone that lives on the planet Earth. As far as we know, that is EVERYONE! Although there are disagreements on how best to take care of the planet, one thing is for certain: Earth is our ONLY home. You keep your home clean by vacuuming, washing, and dusting. You fix leaky faucets, renovate old spaces, and are careful not to break, scratch, and damage your house. So why would you treat the Earth any different than you treat your house?

There are three main reasons why we take care of our houses. First, it is pleasing to live in a clean, healthy, and comfortable environment. Nothing puts me in a bad mood more than a dirty house (just ask my husband). Second, keeping a house clean means healthier family members. Germs, allergens, and many other NASTY stuff live in our houses. Finally, a clean and well kept house puts money in your pocket by creating a better resale value on your investment . These three reasons are all perfect examples of WHY we celebrate Earth Day. If you don’t care about living in filth, then do it for your health and the health of your family and friends. If those reasons are not enough to sway you, do it for you pocket book. And yes, contrary to popular belief, being green can actually SAVE YOU MONEY! Imagine that!

Use this Earth Day as an excuse to reconnect with your mother Earth, to live healthier happier lives, and to save money. So start buying organic, eating more vegetarian meals, using less plastic, driving less, turning off those lights, and anything else that will help you live in a better house. (I am downloading the Organic Gardeners Tips right now at Little steps make a difference and many little steps make a big difference. Start loving your home today. Happy Earth Day and Namaste.




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