Biggest Loser Theme: Never Give Up!

13 05 2009

I think Daniel summed it up best in the Biggest Loser Season 7 finale when he said, “Don’t ever give up.” Daniel is the heaviest participant ever. At only 19 years old, Daniel weighted in at 454 lbs. Daniel and the rest of the contestants are not at the end of their journey by far. It is just the beginning of a lifetime of healthy habits that I hope everyone can stick to and if not, get back up and try again.

None of us are perfect and we all feel self-conscious at some time or another. Even those who seem to be the fittest have flaws and self-doubts. Take my favorite gym instructor. She is lean and mean, but has a pouch from having three kids. Anyone who had multiple children knows what I am talking about. Even if you can get rid of the layers of fat, you will always have loose skin that looks like cottage cheese. Ok, enough graphic illustrations for now.

My point is this: Weight loss is not a destination, but a journey. Never give up on trying to live the healthiest life possible, no matter how many times you fall off the horse. There are no diets, just habits. And give yourself a break and a little love. Namaste.




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