Do You Feel Like a Disaster Magnet?

28 05 2009

After a short hiatus, I am back. I just wasn’t feeling like my true self. The gloomy cloud that hung over my head rained on everything around me, making it difficult to find my joy again. Louise Hay believes “our beliefs and ideas about ourselves are often the cause of our emotional problems and physical maladies.” Although I believe there are many factors that lead to disease and discomfort (i.e. environmental and genetic issues), she makes some valid points. How can we heal our bodies when our mind is stuck in the negative? How can we learn to love others when we cannot love ourselves? Negative thoughts beget negative outcomes; positive thoughts beget positive outcomes.

To illustrate this point, I will share an experience from a friend who has been feeling overwhelmed. With marriage issues, a full-time job, and two years of working toward a Master’s Degree, it is easy to understand why my friend was exhausted and distracted by all the daily responsibilities and worries. One day as she was standing in line at the supermarket, a nudge came from behind. “It must be an accident,” she thought. After the second and third nudge, she looked behind her with surprise and horror. Why was this man, obviously angered by the long line, taking it out on her? Just then, she knew the answer. Being tired and annoyed, she was just attracting more of the same. In that moment, she took charge of her situation and decided not to give this frustrated man one more precious second of her thoughts. She would lighten her outlook, thereby only attracting more joy and happiness into her life.

I hope this blog does not come off as preachy. My intention is to help others become motivated to stay healthy and strong while balancing the hustle and bustle of everyday life. I am not a doctor or a self-help guru. I am just a regular person trying to live a more joyful life. The entries are designed to help me as much as you! I am just sharing information, thoughts, and experiences in hopes that it helps one other person in their journey to a strong mind, body, and spirit. Remember to think positive thoughts and love, laughter, and joy will move effortlessly in your direction. Namaste.


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