Update to Project Do What You Love: A Word of Thanks

23 06 2009

Last week, with the help of a few colleagues, I pitched two ideas to the Urban Magazine, Heed. I am happy to report that both ideas were accepted and I will be working on my articles for submission in the next few weeks. I would like to thank everyone who have helped me. Maybe it was a enthusiastic comment on Facebook, a thoughtful email, a shoulder to cry on, or just a refrain from telling me I have gone off the deep end (Thanks for not squashing my dreams).

The journey is far from over and I will need every bit of positive energy to help along the way. However, know that you are thought of in the most beautiful way for a person who has somehow, helped along the way. Remember to celebrate each small victory.

 Much Love and Respect,


Catch up on Project Do What You Love here.




4 responses

26 06 2009
Anthony Shawn

Ditto! Kudos!

Nice opportunity for exposure for Chill!

26 06 2009

And congrats on your new writing gig. sounds awesome!

23 06 2009
J Osborne

Congratulations Amber! I’ll do what I can to help. Looking forward to seeing your work in Heed.

24 06 2009

Thanks for the support. I am excited to do an article about The Chill.

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