Screaming, Messy Kids: Give the Parents a Break

28 07 2009

OK, I admit. I used to say things like “Why can’t they control their child.” After having a little one myself, I now realize it is not as easy as it seems. Take this weekend in NYC. A toddler who just wants to walk around does not understand that you can not leave your seat on the subway. This leads to screaming, kicking, glares, and rolling of the eyes. I knew what they were thinking, but what could I do? She has a mind of her own. Do I just stay inside and never go out because my toddler has a tendency to throw the occasional fit? Do I not take her to a restaurant because she has not yet mastered the art of eating and tends to get almost as much on the floor as in her mouth?

Don’t get me wrong, I will admit again I was THAT waitress. Sweeping up under a high chair exclaiming that they should just stay at home, or control their kids, or clean up after them. It was not MY job to clean up after those devil children. I guess my point is, next time you are out and a child is acting up (as long as the parents are not condoning the behavior), instead of rolling your eyes at the parents, feel a little pity. And thank God it is not you.





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