Fall: My Favorite Season

22 09 2009

Just as the trees drop leaves every fall, so should we. In Chinese medicine, fall is a time of letting go. This is a great opportunity to purge our closets and basements of unneeded stuff. I keep telling myself I am going to make some money on ebay and craigslist with all the stuff I have lying around. Maybe the fall will actually propel me in this direction.

Don’t think of the fall as a time to just let go of the physical. What emotions and mental thoughts are you holding onto? Release your worries, fear, anger, grief and resentment. Know that by letting go now, you will be better able to grow and evolve come spring.

Fall is my favorite season, not just for the turning of the leaves, but also the crisp clean air it brings. So it comes as no surprise that  fall is the time for the lungs in Chinese medicine. Breathe in to receive inspiration. Breathe out to release what is no longer useful. Prepare yourself for the very introspective winter.

Now that I think about it, maybe this is my season to shed the extra “baby weight.” I am ready to let go of the extra baggage I have been carrying around in my gut, heart, and head. Are you?

Take care of yourself and others. Happy Fall and as always, Namaste.




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