No One Said Following Your Dreams Would Be Easy

16 10 2009

I don’t have an iphone, an ipod, or even a fancy TV. I don’t have expensive jewelry, designer clothes or a diamond ring. But I do have a family, good friends, nutritious food in the fridge, a roof over my head, heat on a cold rainy day, and water to quench my thirst. And one more thing…..did I tell you?  Have you heard? I am following my dream.

My cars were born before the turn of the century. They have dings, cracks, rust and a little rat-a-tat-tat. My hair is not dyed. My skin is not tan. But I have a beautiful little girl, who has taught me so much. She may be a handful, but I love her just the same. And one more thing…..I think that you know…I started Project Do What You Love, not very long ago.

Now all my days are not sunny, and I do whine and worry. My wine is not rare and my entertainment is rarely out. But I have no doubt, that I am doing the right thing. I guess I will find out.

Love and peace to all.

Mrs. Amber Scott




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