I Want to Get Away….I Want to Fly Away

30 10 2009

As I write this, my 21-month old is crying and banging on the door of her bedroom. You see, she has mastered the art of climbing (or falling) out of her crib. I mean how long can she really cry?

Yes, I am having one of those days, or weeks, or even months where I just want to walk out the front door and not worry about a screaming kid, dirty dishes, an article deadline, a shrinking bank account, and a sore back and neck. (Happy hour anyone?)

When I am having days like these, I take a few deep breaths and try one (or many) of the following happiness helpers:

  1. I inject silence and calm into my day whenever possible, especially during nap time.
  2. I close my eyes, breath in and out, and picture a place I like to be. For me, I usually picture being on top of a mountain with the warm wind blowing, the fluffy white clouds floating by, and no one around for miles. (Guess what, this is a form of meditation–and you thought it was just for monks and hippies.)
  3. I take a shower or bath.
  4. I do Thai Chi, Qi Gong, or Yoga to stretch and relax my mind and muscles.
  5. I take a walk. (In fact, I put the little one in the stroller and we both get fresh air).
  6. I count my blessings. Being grateful is a wonderful way to spark a happier mood. Thank God and the universe for providing you food, shelter, and life.
  7. I repeat positive affirmations. The mind can be an enemy or an ally. Tell yourself you are wonderful and today is a great day. Hey, it can’t hurt, right?
  8. I connect with my friends and family. I call my mom, I update my Facebook status, I write this blog, and soon enough I am feeling a little better.

Life is tough. Times are tough. But we have a choice. We can continue to curse the day or even the life we live, or we can choose to be grateful for what we do have and make this one of our best days.

Wait……what is that I hear? Silence. Sweet sweet silence. See, my happiness helpers are working already. Have your best day! Namaste.

Mountain of Happiess

Take a cue from the Hawaiians and just " Hang Loose"




4 responses

15 11 2009
Maggie Smith

Thank you for coming by my blog and signing up for my Twitter Party on Monday. I have an almost 21 month old (Feb 25th) and I have learned one thing. HALO SLEEP SACKS help tremendously! I put them on him backwards and he can’t climb out of the crib!!!!! It’s a miracle.

15 11 2009

Good advice! I am so happy to have found your blog. Thanks for coming to mine. We mommies need to stick together. I am excited for the Twitter party tomorrow. Thanks again!

31 10 2009
Liz King

Music!!!!!!! It works all the time as I’m sure you know since your hubby is a rocker. It calms the savage beast (those inner demons)!!!!

I say go on strike! What has always worked for me is a girls weekend. Leave everything to hubby and get away. It does the trick. Try it.

1 11 2009

Yes, music. of course. I do love to dance and sing! Especially with the little one. And yes, I would love to get away for a girls weekend somewhere. How nice that would be. I also secretly long to just check myself to into a nice hotel with fluffy pillows and great room service. Time alone, and I don’t even have to drive anywhere far. How nice that would be!

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