Update to Project Do What You Love: Busy Busy Busy

9 11 2009

I feel like I have never been busier. My toddler and Project Do What You Love are keeping me on my toes. Things can get stressful but at least my work is gratifying. I am raising my own child and making strides toward my goals. Here are some updates on what I have been doing lately.

True U Voice- Where your vision and values become your voice: I have settled on a name for my business, am working up a website, and have a vendor show to attend tomorrow. At first, I will be working out of my home, helping small businesses market through social media, blogs, websites, and networking.

Since May, I have been the Editor for the Paradise Community Association. I publish a monthly newsletter and keep the blog and Facebook group up to date. In addition, I manage the Facebook and Twitter account for the Daily Grind of Upper Chesapeake.  Most recently, I have been consulting a holistic practitioner  in the art of marketing oneself via social media. I am thankful for all these opportunities to sharpen my skills, and figure out where my talents and passions align.

Heed.com– contributing writer: This blog started with the dream of writing again. I have written 3 articles

Daily Grind : Unwind

Daily Grind : Unwind

to date. I am honored to be apart of an organization dedicated to expressing the multi-ethnic perspective of a current generation, with a spiritual and clean-edge message. Check out some of my articles here.

Finally, I want to thank everyone for their continued support. You can count on me to be honest and down to earth. If you have not yet, check me out on Facebook and Twitter. Much Joy and Love to You! Namaste.




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