Rekindle your Relationships, Not Just the Yuletide Fire

13 12 2009

I tried not to blog about it, I really did. But it has been everywhere lately and it can no longer be avoided. What am I talking about? First there was Tiger, then Bradgelina all over the super market isles, and now a scandal among friends. I ask myself, what do all these people have in common, besides a failing relationship and a cheating spouse?

Tiger and Bradgelina both have small children. And let’s face it, small children take up a large part of anyone’s time and energy. Who has energy left for your once significant other? But my friend did not have kids. She is; however, dealing with the death of a loved one. In all these instances, energies have been diverted other places. A plant can not grow and will soon whither and die without light, water, and warmth. In the same way, a relationship will fade when not given attention and love.

If you feel like life, in all it’s joys and sorrows, is pulling you away from anyone you love-take actions to ensure your relationship is nurtured. It might not even be a spouse, it could be a close friend, or a family member. Especially in the holiday season, our minds are lost in our To Do list. Here’s My New To Do List:

1.) Hold his hand and kiss him in public

2.) Give him a massage after a hard day

3.) Treat each date, like it was the first

4.) Show interest in what interests him

5.) Take care of and show LOVE for myself

What is on your To Do List today? Namaste.




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