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2008 turned out to be a BIG year for me (and I am not just talking about the 30 pounds I put on during pregnancy). I turned the BIG 30, and I had a baby. So now I am someone’s mom. That is probably the highest title I will ever earn in my life. To kick off 2009 I starting practicing what I was (at least internally) preaching. After a few years of serious soul searching, I decided to start Project Do What You Love. This blog, among other recent changes to my life, are a product of doing what I love.

My intention for this blog is to help others become motivated to stay healthy and strong while balancing the hustle and bustle of everyday life. I am not a doctor or a self-help guru. I am just a regular person trying to live a more joyful life. The entries are designed to help me as much as you! I am just sharing information, thoughts, and experiences in hopes that it helps one other person in their journey to a strong mind, body, and spirit. Remember to think positive thoughts, allowing God to work through you and love, laughter, and joy will move effortlessly in your direction.


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10 11 2009
Tonya Novak-Beltre

I just read some of your stuff and I wanted to tell you how wonderful it is. Isn’t it amazing how having children not only changes your life in the obvious ways, but also in ways you would never have thought of? Most people become better versions of themselves.

11 11 2009

So true Tonya. Children teach us to look at ourselves and our actions in a completely different way. Thanks for reading!

22 03 2009

What a treat I’ve had this morning reading your thoughtful blogs! Let me start by saying congratulations! You’ve freed yourself of a job that was not congruent with your mind, body, spirit…how do you feel?
I recently suffered a crippling migraine and have come to the conclusion it was the result of my system being stressed to the max and going unrecognized. Stress is a sneaky devil. The worker in me overpowers day after day, managing to squash the small but significant signs of wear and tear until they rear their ugly head in some form or another. I’ve decided to start seeing a counselor every other week to help me compartmentalize and balance those things I’d prefer to ignore. I realize this might mean I’ll need to face some “incogruencies” and make some big changes, like my job. Thank you for your inspirational thoughts on facing one’s fears, the lions in the brush, and the new and refreshing changes of spring! Much love to you and yours. B

22 03 2009

What amazing and insightful advice! Stress can come in many forms and a migraine is one of those forms. I am glad to hear you are listening to your body and trying to figure out what is ailing you. I know things will get better for you. You are so strong. Keep up the good work! We miss you and love you dearly!

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