15 Ways to Reuse Plastic Bags

20 04 2010

By Bag Monster on Flickr

There are many ways to reuse those plastic bags you get from the grocery store and keep them out of the landfill and oceans (not to mention save you money). Here are a few ideas:

  1. Small trash can liners
  2. Lunch bag
  3. Transport wet items from the pool or beach
  4. Shower cap (Yes, I actually do this one. Make sure there are no holes in it.)
  5. Doggy poop bag
  6. Cat litter bag and liner
  7. Wrap anything smelly in it before throwing into the trash or carrying home
  8. Paint tray liner
  9. Use like newspaper and  bubble wrap when moving or packing
  10. Stuff in boots and purses to keep shape during the off season
  11. Store items to keep them dust free
  12. Use it to drain kids bath toys (poke small holes in bottom)
  13. Use it to defrost meat in the fridge (catching any mess)
  14. Recycle them at the local store (See why recycling is the last thing you should do here.)
  15. The best way to help the environment is to use canvas bags instead.

Breaking the Canadian Stereotype: Holy F*ck is in your Face

4 09 2009
The "Four Headed Beast"

The "Four Headed Beast"

The sterotypical Canadian is polite, wimpy, and irrelevant. Holy Fuck is none of the above. Holy Fuck is LOUD! They have been hailed as “Toronto’s evil super group.” I was lucky enough to catch its ninety minute set at the Virgin Free Fest on Sunday, August 30th. The weather was beautiful, the dance tent was grooving, and Holy Fuck was in the air, on your tongue, and all around. My friend and musician Joe Osborne summed it up perfectly in his Tweet, “Holy Fuck might be the tightest band I’ve ever seen play live music.”

This electronica influenced rock band is headed by Graham Walsh and Brian Borcherdt with rotating rhythm players, currently Matt Schulz (Drummer) and Matt McQuaid (Bassist). The music is not “computer” generated, but the sound is very similar. Outrageous and bizarre tones from an old fashioned moviola, an array of pedals, and multiple keyboards, blend perfectly with the cadence of drums and bass. Walsh and Borcherdt refer to their keyboards as the Greek gods Apollo and Dionysus, symbolizing both chaos and order. Very fitting to say the least.

During the entire set, Walsh was hunched over his keyboards grooving and jerking like a mad scientist. The “Four Headed Beast” played in a circle, instead of directly to the audience. This made the music more intense and orgy like, and probably helps Holy Fuck communicate through subtle gestures.

Mad Scientist

Mad Scientist

Since the show, I can not get enough of the raw, improvisational, yet solid sound of these four experimental musicians. I for one am looking forward to the release of Vicious Circles Vol. 1 a collection of  three artists (Black Moth Super Rainbow / Holy Fuck / Shugo Tokumaru), and their interpretation of each other’s works. The official release date has not been announced, but should be before the end of 2009, just in time for Christmas.

*Pictures courtesy Dawn and Tony Biedenkapp*

Playing the Viola

Playing the Viola

Holy Fuck 2009 Tour Dates:

09/09-Seattle, WA @Bumbershoot

09/10-Quebec City, QC @Le Festival Envol et Macadam

09/24-Vancouver, BC @ The Venue

09/25-Whistler, BC @ Garabaldi Lift Company

09/26-Victoria, BC @ Rifflandia Music Festival

Listen to some tunes at pitchfork

Band’s website http://www.holyfuckmusic.com/

My Space Page

Why are Vampires So Intriguing?

10 06 2009

Stories of blood drinking demons and deities have been around for many centuries. Although slightly different, vampiric like creatures can be found in the myths and legends of many cultures and civilizations around the world.

Different than many of the ancient blood-drinking creatures, the modern vampire is often more sensual, with human feelings and emotions. Although modern vampires resemble humans and often have human feelings and emotions, they also have super strength and the ability to heal. To me, the most intriguing aspect of the vampire is immortality. What would I do with immortality? What would it be like to watch everyone I love die? What would it be like to live 400 years from now?

The first vampire that caught my interest was Louie in Interview with a Vampire by Anne Rice. Louie struggles to keep his humanity while dealing with the “needs” of the vampire way of life and later, with the changes in society through the long decades of his lonely life.

Another popular vampire series (which I love) is Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Buffy is a young girl who is the “chosen one.” She must be a vampire slayer while dealing with everyday issues such as love, family, and high school. She even falls in love with a vampire “Angel”, who has a soul.

In most modern vampire stories, the vampires are thought of as creatures without a soul. In Twilight, the main character Edward (my latest obsession), is a vampire who believes he has no soul. Although he is in love with a human, he feels like a monster and does not want to damn her to a soulless existence.

Indeed, I prefer modern vampires who are more human than barbaric . Vampires dealing with the questions of their existence, the possibility of a soul, and the agony of loosing their humanity are philosophical creatures.  Perhaps this is why vampire stories continue to intrigue us. Even Angelina Jolie has been quoted (unsourced) as saying that while other kids wanted to be ballerinas, she sort of wanted to be a vampire.

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