Eco-Friendly and Money Saving Tip #3: Reuse Plastic Bottles

25 04 2010

So now you know to reduce, reuse, and recycle (in that order), and to clean a microwave with just water, and 15 ways to reuse plastic bags. Today we will talk about all those plastic bottles.

I try to use filtered water when possible, but sometimes, bottled water and convenienceĀ drinks are just easier. However, I usually wash out the bottle with warm water and soap (sometimes I put them in the dishwasher). Then I fill them back up with filtered water and put the fridge.

Reused plastic bottles are easy to grab out of the fridge on your way out the door. I also do not feel bad if I leave them somewhere (like I would an expensive reusable container). However, there are a few warnings you should heed about plastic bottles. Make sure to recycle them once they have been in contact with heat. Heat breaks down the plastic, potentially releasing chemicals into the liquid. If I leave my plastic bottles in the hot car, I do not use them again.

Bonus tip: Fill up your washed milk, juice, and any other large plastic bottle with water. Place in freezer and use in your cooler for a cheaper and better way to keep food and drink cool.

Once again, reusing everyday items saves money and the environment. Hip Hip Hooray for that! Namaste.


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