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25 05 2010

A Rose by Any Other Name by cristina101 on Flickr

Have you ever stopped to think about your name? What does your name mean? How do you feel about your name? I was lucky enough to experience this powerful exercise Renée Barnow, founder of Rightline Coaching and Consulting, calls “the name game.”

As part of a Free teleclass on the Energy and Physicality of Words, Renée asks her callers to first define their name and then talk about how that definition relates to how they feel about their name. She then asks the group to say their name aloud, concentrating on where you feel it in your body. I would like to share with you my experience of feeling the power of my name.

The dictionary describes Amber as a “pale yellow, sometimes reddish or brownish, fossil resin of vegetable origin, translucent, brittle, and capable of gaining a negative electrical charge by friction and of being an excellent insulator: used for making jewelry and other ornamental articles.”

In this way, I have always liked that I am a fossil. At times, I feel like an old soul. Yet, the fossil has been dug up and made into beautiful jewelry. I am really good at reusing and re-purposing things in life. I was green before the term was around.

I am translucent (like the amber stone), people can see right through me and I let them. I don’t like carrying a façade. However, I am a little fragile (brittle) and must be handled carefully.

Another interesting fact is that I am capable of a negative charge by friction and of being an excellent insulator. Whenever something happens, I always want to protect and shield people. In this way, I am a protector. Moreover, the electrons in insulators are much more tightly bound to the atoms, and are not free to flow. I often find I am “tightly bound” and have a hard time letting go. I live too often inside my head and feel the need for control. I work on this daily. To get out of my head and let go, I meditate, pray, practice Qi Gong and Yoga, listen to music, read, and write.

My middle name is Lee. I like it because of the simplicity. I am always looking for ways to simplify my life. My parents said they were toying with calling me Amber Rose or Amber Dawn. I always connected with Amber Dawn; but Lee gives me my strength. It is where I get my masculine attributes.

When I say my name, I feel it mostly in my throat chakra and some in my heart, as I am a good communicator. However, the more I say it, the more it expands, especially into my spiritual chakra. When I add the Lee into it, my name is felt lower into my root chakra. Lee is a grounding name for me. I often have large dreams and high hopes and sometimes need grounding in the details.

I invite everyone to experience the power of your name by visiting http://www.right-line.com/ProductsAndPrograms.html. I would love to hear what you get out of this exercise.


Mrs. Scott


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